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"I bought a Douglas in a Queen. Then I discovered PerfectSense and I got it in a King. It cost me nearly 1/2 the price and I like it even more than my other mattress. The pillows are also awesome and I love that I could get pillows, protection and sheets/ duvet and cover all for less than I paid for a smaller mattress somewhere else. I've told everyone about this. I have chronic pain and this was a life changer for my sleep quality!"

Celeste Eden
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"I wake up every morning with aching neck and shoulders and feeling like I haven't slept at all. I've tried so many pillows before. I bought this on a Friday, it arrived on Saturday. I thought it was too firm at first. I couldn't sleep on it the full night the first time around but by night two I slept soundly. My shoulders and neck felt so light the next morning and I was in a much better mood! It stays cool all night too and the cover is soft. Definitely recommend!"

Lisa Moylan
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